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Installing MIDI in accordions, concertinas, and button accordions is another one of the many services offered at Band Instrument Repair Specialists.  Each instrument is unique; each installation is unique.

Brian Seehafer has been installing MIDI systems since the mid 1980's.  In general, no alterations are made to the exterior of the instrument, with the exception of the MIDI jack.  This preserves the aesthetic qualities of the instrument, as well as its value.  Any needed MIDI function controlling is usually done with a foot controller.  Three channels (treble, chord, bass) are usually used, although custom accordion software is available for up to 6 channels.  The system used for diatonic instruments is programmable and expandable to accomodate the various keyboard layouts of different instruments.  At this time, this system does not send key velocity or bellows sensitivity information.

Instruments with "generators" can have their original systems removed and a MIDI system retrofitted.

All new installations use discrete components called Hall Sensors as key contacts.  These sensors were originally developed for use in the Anti-Lock(c) brake systems in automobiles.  This type of sensor detects the presence of a magnetic field, which is used to turn notes on and off.  Problems such as intermittent notes, double notes, and broken "spring" style contacts are a thing of the past.   All circuit boards and parts used are kept in stock.

All electronics are mounted inside the instrument.  A small power supply and 2 MIDI cords are included with the installation.  Custom wiring to existing equipment is available.  In addition, custom rack design is also available, depending on the sound module(s) used.

Installation pricing varies somewhat, depending on the design of the instrument.  Accordions with shifts in the middle of the grill (PAN, for example), take considerably more time.  Free-bass instruments, and instruments with a tone chamber also require more time.  Certain brands of concertinas may require more time, depending on their keyboard construction and shift mechanism layout.  If you are considering a MIDI installation, please check the condition of the rest of the instrument before hand.  Any necessary tuning, waxing, or bellows work should be done before the MIDI installation.

A lifetime guarantee is offered on labor, provided any necessary service work is done in our shop.  ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN FOR SERVICE WORK DONE BY ANYONE ELSE.

Please call for more information on pricing and delivery schedules.
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